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"... an original design of architect Carla Duarte, whose construction was performed by Ramos Catarino..."

Newsletter do Grupo Catarino, Nº3 2011

Inauguration of St. Joseph's Nursery

On 1 September 2010 the nursery was opened in the presence of the Prime Minister José Sócrates and the Labour Minister and Social Solidarity Dr. Helena André.

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Nursery of St. Joseph completed

The building of St. Joseph's Nursery in Torres Vedras,was completed in time, with a budget overrun of about 2%.
The objectives were fully achieved, resulting from continued participation and permanent design team in the monitoring process and work of the whole Briosa team:

Constructor-Ramos Catarino.
Energy Certification-Ecochoise

The Company intends to officially open during the month of June and therefore waits for the official inauguration of the schedule by the Social Security, because the equipment will have the support of the PARES Program.

Here are some pictures...

Launch of the 1st stone of St. Joseph's Nursery

May 15, celebrated the event of a first stone put on the St. Joseph's Nursery, to build the IPSS with the same name, which was attended by the Social Security Minister Vieira da Silva. In this Act, the Minister appointed a future day care contemplated by the PARES program, as "an excellent device," praising the project's architect Carla Duarte.

Also present: President of the Social Security Institute Dr. Edmund Martin, Secretary of State for Social Security Dr. Peter Marks, Chairman of the Municipality of Torres Vedras Dr. Carlos Miguel and Mr. Vice President Carlos Bernardes. The nursery offers spaces for 66 children and has an energy rating under the RCESE from A+.

Frente Oeste, Nº 993, May 21st, 2009
Badaladas, nº 2785, May 22nd, 2009

Sustainable Shelter Opened

On Sept. 22nd, was submitted and opened at Santa Cruz Beach a Passenger Bus stop promoted by the Municipality of Torres Vedras. This initiative is part of the strategy of the city to network Ecos. The architectural design is the work of architect Carlos Duarte, the project of solar energy is of António Póvoas, and the Eco House My firm was responsible for construction. The representatives of the Parish Council Mr. Mario Miranda, António Quintela Administrator Barraqueiro West transport company and Mr. Vice-President Carlos Bernardes CMTV.

Badaladas, nº 2803, September 25th, 2009
Um Concelho, nº 19, November 2009
Visão, nº 870, November 5th, 2009

Submission of Thesis
Download do Resumo em PDF

On the 18th October architect Carla Duarte defended her thesis entitled "Architecture and Geriatrics - Residential Facilities for the Elderly", becoming a Master in Architecture by the University of Lusíada. Judges told the following:
Prof. Dr. Horácio Bonifácio, as Chairman of the jury.
Prof. Dr. Alcino Batista Ferreira, as Coach.
Prof. Dr. Mário Chaves, as discussant.